Pictures Everywhere

It’s quite easy to be an amateur photographer these days, what with camera phones starting to be better than some of the older digial cameras! Everyone can take pictures and there’s no shortage of places to upload your images to share.

There’s Photobucket, which I use as a general… well, bucket. Images I want to post on my blog I put there and images I’ve come across and want to share I always upload to photobucket. Then there is Flikr, which is arguably the better image host out there since it’s seems to have been designed with amateur (and professional) photographers in mind, particularly as you are able to put a creative commons licence on your images. Another one of the major ones is ImageShack, I have no personal experience with it but it’s listed as the 5th largest image hosting site. (There’s a list of the major ones at wikipedia.)

I have a Flikr account if anyone wants to take a nosey.


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