Modern Technology

I have fallen in love with the amazing thing that is 4oD, especially as recently they’ve been showing some absolutely kick-ass documentaries that due to my working hours (and inability to remember to programme the VCR) I haven’t been able to watch.

4oD basically means I can re-watch stuff I’ve missed, mostly for free… to be honest I doubt I will pay to watch something using 4oD as I can probably find it elsewhere (albeit less legally). The BBC should take note, they really need to pull their finger out and make content I actually want (other than ‘Doctor Who’) then put it up on their iplayer for longer than 7 days!

Right now I’m downloading ‘Life After People‘ and have in my to-watch list ‘Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer‘ (Nick Broomfield documentary I’ve been wanting to watch for awhile… actually I think they have all of his awesome documentaries to watch for free).

Hopefully this will signal the end of the TV licence.


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