New Toy

I’ve been thinking about getting a new laptop for awhile, despite the fact mine is only 3yrs old. Well, after a problematic weekend which is going to involve me getting it repaired professionally I bit the bullet and spent money on a brand new spanking system.

Old System:
Windows XP Home
Intel Celeron M 1.5Ghz
40GB hard disk
15.3″ screen

all for about £600 three years from PC World.

New System:
Windows Vista Home Premium
Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1.7Ghz
120GB hard disk
15.4″ *widescreen*

and what am I bid for this? £349. How fantastic is that?

I was originally scared that Vista was going to be this big evil monster that was going to leap out of my keyboard and drink all my tea but so far it’s been fine. There are a few annoying things (such as why make is complicated to play a DVD?) and it’s need for constant reassurance but apart from those things I’m pretty happy with it.

In fact, just because I’m really excited here is a completely dorky picture:


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