Not for the Fans

Ever since the announcement that they were planning to go back to the early days of Trek for the new film I’ve had one of those hard to shake off feelings that it’s not going to be a film for the existing fans and that they’re going to piss on a lot of things that I love about the original series.

The Trekmovie blog has posted a snippet of the interview Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman gave to the Star Trek Magazine recently where there is a somewhat worrying quote from Orci: “…we wanted to introduce Star Trek again to a new generation and the people who had been around who felt that they were never able to jump onto the bandwagon because they felt they’d missed too much…”

A little part of me has just died having the confirmation of something I’ve always feared, I’m worried how if they’re going to change too much and I also feel they are being a little shortsighted – making a Star Trek film is really only going to appeal to existing fans, I doubt a lot of people on the street who are hardcore Star Wars fans are going to be interested.

Previous JJ Abrams has stated that the new film is “not for the fans alone” but I was hoping he meant he was going to use clever marketing techniques and use his existing fan base for ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘Lost’ to promote the film… I guess that was really wishful thinking from me.

Worrying quotes from Abrams:

“The audience we’re making this movie for is people who love movies, not people who love Star Trek movies. … I’m not saying we’re not honoring what’s come before, (but) if we made this movie for them alone, we would be limiting our audience like crazy.”

“The challenge of (”Star Trek”) is to take something that — despite the baggage of what came before — was imaginative and unreal and make it feel as real as possible…”

(from this article posted by Trek Movie)

I’ll be in my box watching TOS.


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