Entering the 21st Century

Tried to enter the world of 21st century gaming via Steam this morning. Exited the 21st century ten minutes later.

I installed the ‘Portal’ demo but it all went wrong and crashed, considering that I meet at least the minimum specifications (even though I have an onboard graphics card it is direct x9 compatible)… perhaps it did fall out with my graphics card, I wouldn’t blame it but really… Also I’d much, much rather have a hard copy of the game sitting around, don’t think I’m ready to get my games via download just yet. I don’t even know if ‘Portal’ is my type of game yet, I actually suspect not, it looks pretty though.

I’m tinkering with Windows Live Writer, it was one of the existing programmes on my computer and heh why not explore for a bit? So far, I quite like it and it has a nice functionality to it. Doubt I shall be switching from ScribeFox but it is nice to have alternatives.

Here’s a random picture of my orchid:
B & W Orchid


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