Gadgets, Doodahs and Whatsits

My 5yr old Canon A80 digital compact camera has developed a ‘known fault’ with the CCD sensor and fortunately I can get this repaired for free (it’s currently packed up on the kitchen counter) from my nearest Canon repair shop (of which there are only three in the UK).

I’ve also bought a new one, I’ve spent £114 on a Canon A580 which I originally tried to buy from Pixmania (discovered instructions would be in French) and then from UK Digital Cameras… both of these places won’t deliver to my address since it’s not the address my card is registered at without having far too much privacy invading identification just to prove that it’s me. In the end I’ve bought it from Dixons as not only would they allow me to deliver to my home address but I could choose the delivery period (opted for Mon 7th July between 8:30am and 5pm). Excellent… also worked out cheaper.

Don’t seem to be having the greatest luck with technology at the moment.

UPDATE: The postage was a surprisingly cheap £1.94! Couldn’t believe how light my digital camera is without the batteries :)!


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