Open Source Let Down

Every now and then I get the urge to do a bit of amateur (emphasis on amateur) website design and make myself a site (that isn’t just a list of books I’ve r&r’d). On my old laptop I have Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004, which is a brilliantly powerful website design tool… so far I haven’t found the disc for my copy (it’ll be somewhere in the mess) so had to find an alternative. (EDIT: Found the disc.)

After a quick search on my favourite website for finding alternative open source software I found that there weren’t that many alternatives to Dreamweaver, I’d tried Nvu before… it was good as a very basic editor but as it didn’t support frames or have nearly as much functionality to Dreamweaver, I needed to find something that did (it’s also pretty buggy and their CSS editor doesn’t seem to work.) Also I’ve found out that Nvu is no longer being actively maintained so it’s unlikely that the bugs will be fixed or the functionality will be increased. KompoZer is recommended as an alternative as it’s based on the Nvu source code… again it doesn’t support frames and after looking into the comments it seems the ‘insert image’ and ‘tables’ functions are broke/buggy.

A much as I am very for open source software (Open Office permanently replaced Office as soon as I had internet access in my flat just under 2yrs ago) and there are some fantastic programmes out there like Gimp, this time I really think I shall be going back to using Dreamweaver. It’s a shame, Nvu could have been a contender.


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