Public Service Announcement

When you see this picture what is your first reaction? Is it to go “ARGH! SHARK!” and throw several tons of dynamite into the mouth? Are you literally quaking in your swimming costume whilst sitting on the beach, no matter where you are in the world, at the thought of going into the water in case one is there?

Or are you like me and go “wow, very cool.” when confronted with a 16ft predator? I love sharks, I think they are beautiful and impressively adapted for the conditions in which they live – they’re dangerous only because they’re curious and to them anything large and swimming around in their territory is food. I’m sure the shark is just as surprised as the person it takes a nip of, it was probably expecting a nice tasty seal and instead got something bony and rubbery… I doubt humans are particularly appetising to sharks.

Killer Whales are just as dangerous as sharks, in fact they’re probably the rival predator to the great white in terms of size and ferocity – yet people love them and are happy to give their time and money to help save them. Sharks need our protection as well, something close to a million of them have been killed this year as part of sport or for their fins… don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-sport fishing and can see the thrill people get out of it, but I think that sharks need more protection… they’re on the endangered list you know and we might loose these magnificent creatures if we aren’t careful!

Last night I adopted a Great White Shark called ‘Cut Tail’ from the Shark Trust for £20, they also have a Basking Shark group up for adoption if you want to help save another endangered animal… whilst you’re at it you might want to help save the Albatross which is heading towards complete extinction.


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