Radio, Films and Le Tour

In just under 8hrs I’m heading off for my first holiday in 5yrs, I’m spending a few nights in Penzance (Cornwall) before coming back to London to catch a few films.

Despite all the hype about ‘The Dark Knight’ I have absolutely no desire to see it, sorry I preferred Batman when he was at the camp end of dark. I didn’t like ‘Batman Begins’ (watched it with my brother, both of us were bored) and I find Heath Ledger mediocre at best… he’s hamming it up something rotten in that trailer. Of course due to his tragic and untimely death we aren’t allowed to say anything other than he was the next incarnation of Lawrence Olivier, fortunately no one reads my blog so I can get away with the minimal flaming.

Of the films on release at the moment I really, really, really want to see ‘Wall-E’ and of the DVD releases I shall be buying ‘The Orphanage’ as I was too scared to go to the cinema on my own to see it (and taking a teddy bear would have looked stupid).

Been listening to the radio a lot lately, failing to understand why the BBC have never released their Terry Pratchett plays – ‘Guards! Guards!’ was pretty poor really but ‘Night Watch’ was brilliantly done and expertly cast – the Patrician looks nothing like Tom Baker in my mind but his voice is perfect. Downloaded both seasons of their Bletchley Park sitcom ‘Hut 33‘, hopefully it’ll be perfect and keep me entertained on my 5hr train journey west. I wouldn’t normally suggest this but Radio Archive has a lot of radio plays/documentaries/what-not that aren’t available comerically so if you are looking for a lost gem of a radio play you want to hear again then I suggest you take a look there.

Feeling much more optomistic about the tour, they’re catching the cheats and I’m fairly positive about the clean status of the top riders. Mark Cavendish has lost some of my gushing admiration, he abadoned today after his four stage wins to concentrate on the Olympics… I wish he could have stuck it out to the end so not only would he have 4 stage wins to his name but he would have finished. Maybe he’s not designed to race the longer races, he’s the fastest man over something like 150km but he has to get there first. Sad news when Oscar Pereiro crashed out 😦 but good news in that Frank Schleck is the current yellow jeresy holder – Cadel Evans’s inability to attack lost him his jersey, maybe he’ll start attacking now.


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