I has Returned

Cornwall is lovely. The weather was fantastic, I have returned with a slight tan and sunburn!

Growing up I went on various over-seas holidays with my family, mostly Portugal, and to be honest I never particularly enjoyed them – mostly because I’m terrified of flying so would spend the entire trip dreading the return trip… I have to say that I loved Cornwall and think it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited.

Before I headed off on Monday morning I had a look for some ghost stories or strange stories. Thanks to a lovely little CBBC article, I discovered that I was three times as likely to see a ghost and twice as likely to see a UFO whilst tootling around the Cornish coast… not only that but there is a grotesque winged creature called The Owlman in Mawnan’s local woods… and a sea monster in Falmouth Bay called The Morgawr, and Zennor Mermaid. Sadly though I didn’t see any sea monsters, strange creatures or Cornish Pixies… I did eat in a haunted pub (‘The Dolphin’) but didn’t see anything. I didn’t actually go out in the dark, was too knackered from the getting up early and wandering around… maybe I would have seen some UFOs if I had done.

I took a lot of photographs (mostly of rocks and sea), so if you want to see the entire set you can find them on my Flickr page. Here are some samples:

Land's End 20 (23rd July)

Closer to St Michael's Mount (22nd July)

Cave at Land's End (23rd July)


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