Ricky Gervais passed on Star Trek Role – the Teapot sighs with relief

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly he talked about being picky about the projects he takes, he revealed that JJ Abrams approached him about a role in the new Star Trek film – for once Ricky Gervais did something that I agree with, he turned down the role. He didn’t reveal what role he was approached for but TrekMovie have speculated that it was Scotty, which went to another comedian (Simon Pegg).

Thank heavens for that. Ricky Gervais is someone I cannot stand and believe that he’s very much in danger of his head disappearing up his own arse, from what I’ve seen of his acting (okay, I’ve only seen him in ‘Starburst’) it’s been mediorce at best. Interesting quote from Gervais:

“I”m not trying to be a film star. I don’t care  if I never do another
film again. I can create my own material and I’ve got to remember that.
As exciting as it is to be a film star, it means nothing to me.”

I have a hard time believing this, I think he’s trying to get noticed in films for his acting rather than being cast as a cameo comedy character (doing an Eddie Izzard). I’d believe him more if he had created ‘The Office’ and ‘Extras’ and cast someone else in the roles that have made him a household name, saying that it means nothing to him to be a star (okay yes he said ‘film star’) just makes him sound arrogant.

Of course, I’m biased as I don’t find him funny nor did I think ‘The Office’ was the most original comedy written (it’s like a strange cross between ‘Drop the Dead Donkey’ and ‘Operation: Good Guys’), ‘Extras’ had it’s moments but wasn’t particularly special.

I just watched the trailer for his first staring role in a film ‘Ghost Town’. The premise is that Ricky Gervais’s character (I believe he’s a dentist) can’t stand people, he goes off to hospital to have a routine procedure done and dies briefly during the ‘op, when he comes back he can see the dead and interact with them and because of this the ghosts with unresolved issues want him to do jobs for him so they can move on.

Is this screaming ‘Dead Like Me’, ‘Pushing Daisies’, ‘The Ghost Whipserer’ and ‘The Frightners’ to anyone else?


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