Why? Oh Why?

(Completely randomly before I moan, I’m very pleased to hear that the writers of the new Trek film used ‘Spock’s World’ as inspiration :))

I’m not sure I can do it any more.

With the positive tests of Stefan Schmacher and Leonardo Piepoli, not to mention the drug lord Lance Armstrong coming back and Frank Schleck being suspended by his team for suspected doping I don’t think I can believe in the Tour de France any more. What’s more, I’m beginning to doubt the wonderful performance Mark Cavendish put in – his poor performance at the Olympics only makes me suspect more that he was using the same hard-to-detect thing as Schmacher & Piepoli. I hope he rode clean…

I want to believe that things are changing for the good with great young riders coming through who aren’t looking to the dinosaurs, but then I remembere that a lot of the team managers these days are ex-drugs cheats and these are the guys who are training and advising.

Oh please let next years Tour be good and clean.


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