Much Squee!

(I had a massive database fail and had to restart things, some posts might vanish and reappear)

Not only that but TrekMovie posted this snippet from the ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ article that contains the closest thing we’ve had to a plot synopsis and a few spoilers!

Star Trek’s time-travel plot is set in motion when a Federation starship, the USS Kelvin, is attacked by a vicious Romulan (Eric Bana) desperately seeking one of the film’s heroes. From there, the film then brings Kirk and Spock center stage and tracks the origins of their friendship and how they became officers aboard the Enterprise. In fact, the movie shows how the whole original series crew came together: McCoy (Karl Urban), Uhura (Zoë Saldana), Scotty (Simon Pegg), Sulu (John Cho), and Chekov (Anton Yelchin). The adventure stretches from Earth to Vulcan, and yes, it does find a way to have Nimoy appearing in scenes with at least one of the actors on our cover — and maybe both. The storytelling is newbie-friendly, but it slyly assimilates a wide range of Trek arcana, from doomed Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) to Sulu’s swordsmanship to classic lines like, ”I have been, and always shall be, your friend.” More ambitiously, the movie subversively plays with Trek lore — and those who know it. The opening sequence, for example, is an emotionally wrenching passage that culminates with a mythic climax sure to leave zealots howling ”Heresy!” But revisionism anxiety is the point. ”The movie,” Lindelof says, ”is about the act of changing what you know.”

The synopsis makes me feel quite good about the film, I was a bit put off with the uniforms and the shiny!bridge but I’m liking the plot and can overlook the fact that no one had actually seen a Romulan until the events of ‘Balance of Terror’ as it’s messing with timeline stuff.

  • Romulan attack on USS Kelvin takes place ‘before Kirk was born’
  • Chris Pine still ‘fresh-faced space cadet’ when confronting Romulan villains
  • Kirk’s black shirt defined as ’space-cadet colors in Abrams’ Trekverse’
  • Phasers are “sleek silver gizmos with spring-triggered barrels that revolve and glow in the transition from ‘’stun” to ”kill.”

Pity that the black shirt didn’t equal MIRROR UNIVERSE but glad to see that Kirk is still a cadet.

The Trek writers talked a bit more to UGO, and I liked that they talked Sarek & Amanda (sort of) as they are my favourite Trek couple. I hope it means that they have a very loving relationship but it’s not without it’s problems because their families object or something, I’d hate it for be because Sarek = jerk.

UGO: Alright, alright. Fair enough. Let me ask you another question, about the character of Sarek who I know is going to appear in the film. We’re going to meet Sarek and Amanda. And I’ve always wondered, and maybe you guys know the answer whether it’s in the movie or not, did Sarek and Amanda engage in a koon-ut-kal-if-fee ceremony? Or not because she was an outlander, do you know the answer to this?

B: What can we tell you about this…

UGO: I know you’re dying to get into this! I mean, I know you can’t say much, and that’s cool, but c’mon.

A: Well let me say this… let me say that one of the things that attracted all of us to covering some things that had never been covered in canon about Spock is his background. A lot of people don’t know that his mother was human, and that his father was Vulcan. A lot of people that came to work on the movie, that was something they found out.

UGO stunned into silence.

A: We all know relatives that know basic things about Kirk and Spock, and that kind of seminal thing that was in Spock’s background was invaluable. And Nimoy’s involvement is a testament to the fact that there’s continuity in that character. And you are going to get to see this rich character who was torn between two worlds. And his parents are torn in two worlds. And the pain that that caused their two families

I am unbelievably excited about this film.


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