Sometimes the best things are free

A few months back I played an awesome free game called ‘5 Days a Stranger‘ and the others made by the same guy, since then I’ve kept an eye on my various PC gaming magazines for other free game recommendations.

I’m currently playing a game called ‘Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy‘ (described in PC Gamer as "battle evil barons bent on world domination with musical theatre, llamas and voice acting") and I thoroughly recommend this little Indie gem.

Other ones I think you should give some of your time to are ‘Charlie Foxtrot and the Galaxy of Tomorrow‘ (described as "a sci-fi parody in which a rebel clone meets a number of potentially copyright-infringing faces") and ‘Infinity String‘ ("as a scientist sent to help at a multinational research facility in Antarctica, you discover some very strange things going on.")

With ‘Fallout 3’ due for release soon I started thinking about the games I’m looking forward to playing/owning/drooling over – one of them is ‘World of Goo‘ (out now to download I think and also on the Wii), and considering that everything (bar Fallout) I’ve mentioned on this page is an independently made game, I think this is really where the future of PC gaming lies.

The majority of games these days are ported to consoles, sometimes it means that the controls on the PC suffer as the makers of the game take into account the console controller and something’s like backgrounds are forgotten about. I am not a huge console gamer, although I own a second hand PS2 (curtsey of younger brother) and enjoy playing it but I think the real gaming magic comes from a PC – not just the ability to have scrolling backgrounds and more random generated events but from the wonderful gems that Indie game makers are coming out with and able to distribute for free.

Actually, speaking of Fallout 3 it was mentioned recently that Interplay (the people who used to own the IP to ‘Fallout’) have got hold of one of the original designers to work on a MMOG called ‘V13’, speculation is that this means Vault 13 and that it’s going to be a MMOG in the Fallout universe.

In terms of free things, I may have to switch from using ScribeFire to using Live Writer. Recently ScribeFire has been locking up on me, loosing content and it also doesn’t have  spell check (nor can I really do stuff offline), Live Writer may be made by Microsoft but to be honest I don’t care, it has a spell check and I’m a terrible speller.


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