Weekend in a Bookshop

I’ve spent the majority of the day with my friend, who is not only someone I’ve known since primary school but also someone not involved in anything theatrical (pretty much all my friends have some link to my job). I’d forgotten how refreshing it is to meet up with someone you know so well that you can have a really good conversation about books because you both have similar tastes and feelings towards things – not only that but work doesn’t get mentioned once (I love my other friends but often we end up talking about work because it’s a large part of our lives).

We had dinner and then went to the big Waterstones on Regent’s Street where all we did is wander round looking at books, talking about books and recommending books to each other. We talked about our mutal love for Iris Murdoch and Doris Lessing (I want her to be my grandmother) as well as touching a bit on Margaret Atwood and gushing over ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell’.

I did my best to pimp sci-fi to him and showed him some of my favourites that I think he’d enjoy (‘Foundation’, ‘Caves of Steel’, ‘Ender’s Game’…) and between us we looked at some interesting titles. I also found a Steampunk anthology called ‘Extraordinary Engines: The Definitive Steampunk Anthology‘ that sounded interesting. I have other friends who are really into this and to be honest I’ve never read anything that could be considered steampunk-y so have been feeling out the loop, now I’ve found this anthology and added to my Amazon wishlist I intend to education myself! I also pimped ‘The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters‘ by G.W Dahlquist as I think it’s an awesome read. We found some books we thought sounded really interesting (I managed to resist buying them as I’d already bought ‘Necropath‘ by Eric Brown today), ‘The Alteration‘ by Kingsley Amis, ‘My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time‘ by Liz Jensen and Susanna Clarke’s short stories involving her world of Faerie and others called ‘The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other Stories‘.

A great way to spend a Sunday.


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