Messing about on the river

Saturday 24th May as part of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London mini-festival, I had the opportunity to go on a London Duck Tour.

The amphibious vehicles (DUKW*) were originally used as ship to shore transport vehicles carrying supplies, occasionally manpower and support vehicles. Some of them saw action during the D-Day landings and many were still in service until the 1970s. The ones that the London Duck Tour people have are somewhere around 66yrs old and did see service. Even if you don’t really fancy a tour around London it’s worth going on just to sit in such a fantastic piece of history.

*D = first year production code (D = 1942)
*U = utility truck
*K = front wheel drive
*W = two rear driving wheels.

Pictures from the event (not of the DUKW, sorry)

I quite like this shot of the Houses of Parliament, it’s not very often you’re in a position to get good views.

I can’t really imagine the Thames filled with ships moored alongside the banks.

They designed these tunnels for taking coal along there but they could only be used at certain times of the day due to the tide!


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