Things to do when feeling low

I’ve been having one of those not-so-great weeks where nothing has really happened but little things just seem to conspire against you to make it a not good week. I think it may be due to the dep I was babysitting (cocky little dipshit who isn’t very good and doesn’t treat it seriously… ahem), hopefully though this coming week should be a lot more relaxing and lot less stress inducing (I have to have a ‘flu jab though :S). Anyway, last week not being great got me thinking about what I do when I’m feeling low… I’ve discovered that I seem to have a top ten list. It’s not in any order but here are my top ten things that make me feel better when I’m feeling low.

1) Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
This film is the ultimate feel good film in my book, the music is great, the cast is great and the story is a fantastic fun romp. What could be better than two drag queens and a transvestite driving a battered out bus through the Australian outback? I can watch this film over and over, it never fails to put a smile on my face and I’m not ashamed to admit it but I find myself grooving to the funky music.

2) Anything containing ‘The Muppets’
I’ve been watching season two of ‘The Muppet Show’, by no means great but it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. I adore the Muppets and the endless sense of fun you get when watching anything containing them, ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’ is surely one of the great films and there is a special place in my heart for ‘Muppet Treasure Island’ as the book is my all time favourite read. I do wish my favourite Muppet (Sam the Eagle) would get a featured role in something though.

3) Star Trek
What could be better than being transported far into our future? The original series is best for blues bashing, the idea that humanity has moved beyond the petty disputes we have and is working for a better future together… plus there are aliens, space battles, people in skimpy costumes and awesome storylines. Put on any Star Trek and you’re likely to loose me for several hours on journey through time and space!

4) Reading the Sherlock Holmes stories
A different time and a slightly different place (I live close to Baker Street), brilliantly crafted mysteries from who I think is one our most under appreciated writers. It might be their familiarity that makes them so comforting to me but whatever it is they really do help cheer me up. Sometimes listening to the radio series staring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams works but I’ve found reading the canon to be best.

5) Reading ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson
As I said a bit before, my favourite book of all time is ‘Treasure Island’. It has everything, pirates, adventure on the high seas and a hunt for a treasure. I read it when I was quite young and it captured my imagination, I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to spend your life on board the tall ships of the eighteenth century and fight alongside Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar. The ultimate escapism.

6) Wallace and Gromit
Nick Park is a genius and certainly helps prove that ultimately the North is better than the South. It might be our slightly different weather pattens or that there really is something in the mindset of us Northeners when it comes to comedy (some of the best British comedians are Northern) but we really know how to do it. There’s much to love about the madcap inventions of Wallace and long suffering-ness of Gromit and ‘Curse of the Wererabbit’ is for me one their best pieces of work, tied with ‘A Close Shave’.

7) Blowing things up on the computer/console
It all started with ‘Worms’ and progressed from there really, there’s nothing more relaxing than blowing the crap out of things or wandering through post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland looking for a water chip or G.E.C.K. Games that don’t help with my stress level are racing games so those are to be avoided when I’m not feeling great, but the more death and destruction the better.

8 ) Having a long soak in the bath
Soothing, soaking and a time when the phone can’t bother you because there’s no way I’m rushing around looking for it and if anyone rings the doorbell it’s tough. This is a great time to read your book.

9) Going for a walk with my camera
Don’t know if it’s the walking part or the camera part but this feels great. Sometimes it’s even better to take some bread with you and feed the ducks whilst trying to take photographs of them! If London wasn’t so dangerous to wander around during the night I would also do this when I couldn’t sleep as I’m sure the fresh air would be a good help.

10) Drinking endless cups of tea
It might be a Northern thing to make endless cups of tea during times of stress but from what I learned visiting the Tea Museum, the Chinese also believed it had a cheering up property. Warm fuzziness in your tum, coupled with any of the above and you’ve got a recipe for happiness.


One comment

  1. Rick Moyer

    Oh my gosh, you love Muppet Treasure Island? It’s one of my ALL TIME faves! Rizo and the rest rip it up. And I always liked Tim Curry.

    I have watched it many, many times as a cheer up!

    I do the walk with my camera thing, I love to blow things up too. And yes, any trek, but especially TNG makes me happy when things are rough.

    Cool blog my friend!

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