I saw it!

Photobucket Just watched a sneaky posting of the Star Trek trailer online (it’s officially online from Monday), all I can say is GEEKGASM! It looks amazing, from the opening with rebel!Kirk and Ben Cross doing a nice voice over telling Spock he’s a child of two worlds (and a little snippet of Amanda having a tender moment with Sarek). Ben Cross is not one of my favourite actors, but I think I’m okay with the casting now… he looks like he’ll be a good Sarek (no one will ever beat Mark Lenard).

Zachary Quinto is going to be awesome as Spock, Chris Pine looks good as Kirk… Zoe Saldana is unbelievably hot and I can’t wait to see her on the Enterprise, one thing that hasn’t gelled is Simon Pegg as Scotty. Fair enough you didn’t see much of him in the trailer and the sound quality wasn’t that great, but something about him didn’t seem… right… maybe all that will be fixed when I see the HD version on Monday.

I might be going to the cinema on Saturday night, with a bit of luck they’ll stick the trailer in front of any random film here in the UK.

I’m not sure I can wait until May, anyone want to join me on a raid of Paramount? I’ll bring the popcorn.




  1. Tim Morris

    I’m up for the raid Teapot. I did write to Paramount reference premiere tickets. She replied saying that she wasn’t even sure there was going to even be a premiere in London, but that sometimes us plebs can get hold of tickets. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to attend if possible.

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