Short Films You Should Watch: 'Tube Mice' (2004)

I’m a huge fan of things in the short form, not just because I’m a person of short stature but because often short films, short stories etc… are some of the most creative things around. I wonder if my fondness for short films comes from my love of old Warner Brothers cartoons… ummm… something to ponder there! Anyway, recently I found a free DVD disc that I got with ‘The Times’ I think in 2004/2005; on that disc is a short animated film called ‘Tube Mice’.

Written by Yeva Paley and directed by Dan Chambers ‘Tube Mice’ is possibly my all time favourite short film, it’s ingenious and brilliantly creative. I believe it was shown as part of Film London Festival (possibly 2004, I can’t seem to find out but I was working on Blood Brothers at the time so it’s probably 2004) which is why is was on the free DVD from ‘The Times’ (along with another short called ‘Gravity’ which I also thought was very good).

The plot is very simple; the tube is in disarray and the mice are being ‘stolen’ by a mysterious dark figure. It turns out that the tube mice are not really gray, they’re actually the same colour as the line they inhabit (blue, yellow, green), this mysterious dark figure gives them a bath and then utilises them to sort out the tube network and getting back into shape.

It was produced by onedotzero, and I haven’t been able to find it officially on the ‘net but as usual YouTube came up trumps so here for your viewing pleasure (until I get told off) is the wonderful little animated ‘Tube Mice’.


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