Young Film Makers to Watch

Recently the BAFTA teamed up with CBBC to have a ‘Me and My Movie’ competition as part of the EA British Children’s Awards. Young film makers were challenged to make a short film (no more than 2minutes long). I randomly watched the awards ceremony on CBBC one afternoon at work, along with the Master Carpenter and Stage Chargehand (we actually cheered at one point!).

There were four short films shortlisted for the prize; two of them were very well done, the others were okay… One of them was a 3D animation from the POV of a bomb being dropped over a city. Now, the kid who made this obviously came from a somewhat more privileged background; not only did he have an amazing computer set up but the skills to work with 3D animation software… perhaps he should have been discounted but the film was rather good. Despite that, he is someone we should be watching out for in the future – the short video they all made where they talked about the films showed him taking some very good photographs (with a high end DSLR) and talking about his film in a very articulate and slightly wanky way. Perhaps someone who makes very arty films that divide opinion on whether they’re brilliant or rubbish.

The winning film was brilliant, very original and very fun. ‘The Prank’ made by 13yr old Leah Cooper from Essex is a slightly surreal film about someone who decides to play a prank on the Queen, it’s done in a somewhat Tim Burton/Terry Gilliam/Nick Park way. I really do believe that this is a young film maker that we should keep an eye on because she’s going be something very special one day. I think she is going to be a film maker somewhere in the vein of Mike Leigh, Tim Burton, Nick Park, Terry Gilliam… someone who makes very visual films but with great heart and story.

I would have tried to embedded the films here but for some reason the ‘share’ button on the BAFTA website isn’t cooperating, so you’re going to have to visit the site to see, and it’s worth it. Really.,150,BA.html


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