Clearing Out

In an effort to organise my life I’m having a sort through all my DVDs and books (I own so few CDs it’s not even worth counting them) with the aim to get rid of a large portion of them. Hopefully when I find somewhere to move too I’ll have a lot less crap to transport and now that I’ve joined LoveFilm I don’t really have much need to pick up films that sound interesting, I can just rent them… stuff I really want I will of course buy, but providing I keep it to a minimum I don’t see the problem. Sadly though, both my local library and the library on the way to work suck (which I find hard to believe, giving that my local is Marylebone and the one on the way to work is Charing Cross!) so my books are likely to increase. I’ve got about 200+ books currently in my flat, I’ve probably only read 80% of them – I’ve got about 60+ films and have watched a little over half (a problem I should fix).

Getting rid of films has proved to be very easy, I can sort through and put them into “liked; will watch again”, “liked; will never watch again” and “hated”, the “will never watch again” pile is going to my mums (chances are she or my brother will like some of them) and the “hated” pile is going to work… actually there are a fair few of the “will never watch again” going to work. If the crew don’t want the films or if we’ve already got them in our cupboard I’m sure the someone in the cast will snap them up (for free, I don’t see the point in charging).

Harder, is books. Reading books form very personal relationships with the characters and the story (usually, sometimes it’s the opposite but those ones I don’t finish and put on the shelf at work for someone else), even when it’s all over and I don’t plan to read it again I just can’t give it away. Feels that part of me that’s either going to be revealed or I’m going to miss those characters too much. I think I find films easier to get rid off because I haven’t become as invested in the characters/story, there’s a form of detachment to what’s going on on the screen… sometimes I do get attached but I still find it easier to walk away at the end.

Oh, if you’re wondering where TV series’s fit into all this, it’s more the “books” line of thought (unless I hated it). Digressing slightly, I’ve found it interesting how your opinion of a TV series can changed after seeing something sort of similar that does it much better, for example despite saying that I really liked ‘Little Britain’, I’ve just re-watched the entire ‘League of Gentlemen’ series’s and have decided that LB isn’t as great as I thought it was – the writing and characters just seem stilted after watching LoG… but I still think that David Walliams and Matt Lucas are brilliant.

For anyone interested, under the jump are the lists of films I’m giving to mum/brother and leaving at work.


Little Britain Season 1
Muppet Show Series 1 & 2
V for Vendetta
The Hitcher (original)
Sweeney Todd
Muppets take Manhattan
Time Bandits
Silent Running
Boogie Nights
Rosemary’s Baby
Half Nelson
Thank You for Smoking
The Wind that Shakes the Barley
Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life


Six Feet Under Season 1
Muppet Christmas Carol
Flushed Away
Black Sheep
Battle Royale
All About Eve
Little Voice
The Manchurian Candidate (remake)
The Prestige



  1. weathereye

    Nothing feels better than purging possessions. It’s hard to begin, but once you get going, it just feels amazing. I gave away a big old console TV and a kids’ pool table this week, and now I have all this extra space. Liberating.
    I would have held onto Boogie Nights, though. I love that flick.

  2. Marius

    It’s a shame that your DVDs are most likely not region 1 or I’d offer to take the muppet movies and Silent Running off your hands. Good on you, though, for the purge. Getting rid of stuff is sometimes very difficult. Now if I could just convince my wife to do a bit of that. πŸ™‚

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