Collection of Trek (Fiction)

I’ve just been home to visit my mum for a few days, at my parents there is a cupboard known as “Steph’s Cupboard of Crap”. It’s mostly magazines, college coursework, computer games and books… one day I will empty this cupboard and my mum will have more space to store her crap but for the moment – it’s my cupboard!

Many of the books contained within this cupboard are Star Trek related books. I was sort of considering making a post and offering the paperbacks for something like 50p + postage but I’m a little too attached to my Trek collection… some of them I read so long ago I can’t actually remember what they are about but you never know, one day I might re-read them.

Fiction Books 3

First Frontier by Diane Carey and Dr. James Kirkland (pub. 1995)
The Joy Machine by Theodore Sturgeon and James Gunn (pub. 1996)
Mudd in your Eye by Jerry Oltion (pub. 1997)
Mind Meld by John Vornholt (pub. 1997)
Heart of the Sun by Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski (pub. 1997)
Assignment: Eternity by Greg Cox (2 copies) (pub. 1998)
Insurrection by JM Dillard (pub. 1998)
Across the Universe by Pamela Sargent and George Zebrowski (pub. 1999)

Apparently these ones are a bit on the rare side, I was completely unaware of this fact until recently. Here is my little collection of Star Trek Adventures books.

Fiction Books 4

Planet of Judgement by Joe Haldman (pub. 1977)
The Starless World by Gordon Ekland (pub. 1978)
Trek to Madworld by Stephen Goldin (pub. 1979)
Perry’s Planet by Jack C. Haldeman II (pub. 1980)
Death’s Angel by Kathleen Sky (pub. 1981)

These ones were taken on my bed when I got back from visiting my parents… check out my funky spotty blanket! Ahem…

Fiction Books 1

New Voyages 2 by various (pub. 1978)
The Search for Spock by Vonda N. McIntyre (pub. 1984)
The Vulcan Science Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah (pub. 1984)
The Voyage Home by Vonda N. McIntye (pub. 1986)
Demons by JM Dillard (pub. 1986)
Spock’s World by Diane Duane (pub. 1988)
The I.D.I.C Epidemic by Jean Lorrah (pub. 1988)
The Lost Years by JM Dillard (pub. 1989)

Fiction Books 2

Enter the Wolves by AC Crispen (pub. 2001)
Crucible: Spock by David R. George III (pub. 2006)
Sarek by AC Crispen (pub. 1994)
Starfleet Academy: Crisis on Vulcan by Brad and Barbara Strickland (pub. 1996)
New Frontier: House of Cards by Peter David (pub. 1997)
S.C.E: Have Tech Will Travel by various (pub. 2002)
Strange New Worlds #5 by various (pub. 2002)
Strange New Worlds #10 by various (pub. 2007)

Books not pictured:
Star Trek the Motion Picture by Gene Roddenberry (pub. 1979)
Vulcan’s Glory by D.C Fontana (pub. 1989)
Amazing Stories by various (pub. 2002)


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