On the Move

That is, I am on the move not the blog location… that would be a lot less stressful.

After almost four years stuck in central London, going slightly stir-crazy in a very small studio flat with a leaky roof, spending far too much time in the laundrette on my one day off and whilst it is nice having a lot of things practically on your doorstep the costs mount up rather quickly, I am moving fairly far out East. I’ve got a lovely spacious one bedroom flat, with a washing machine and a garden! You have no idea how happy this makes me…. if only packing up was easy.

Currently outside my front door there are several boxes, five of them contain my entire book collection and the rest of DVDs, games and the other random crap you generally accumulate over the years. I am slightly concerned that I have too much stuff and regardless of the size of my new place it’s going to end up looking cluttered… but I think I’m worrying needlessly – having a living room means I can put a large bookcase in there and use my small one for the DVDs, the bedroom can remain uncluttered and the kitchen isn’t going to have books sitting on the cooker. Once everything has a place to be it’ll be very easy to keep tidy and organised.

Other great news is that once again I’m about 2minutes walk to the local library, and about 20mins by train into Greenwich where there are wonderful green open spaces, and the location of my new local cinema.

As with all moving stuff, I will most likely be internet-less for a couple of weeks whilst I get sorted and arrange for someone to come re-connect me. I’m also considering what sort of package I want to go for, despite my dislike of Virgin they have got an awesome phone/broadband/tv package for £24 a month; I’m rather tempted (and have paid my TV licence, aren’t I the good little conformist?) particularly as with this package you get Sky 1 and Eurosport (as you know I’m an avid Tour de France fan). My other option is to go with a BT line and have Plusnet as my provider, they seem like a good company with a good attitude towards gamers.

Choices, choices.


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