Long Time, No See!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated here, I’m on holiday this week (as in off work, not actually on holiday) and have been thinking about what to write about (I even bookmarked some interesting news stuff). I might still write about them at some point, but not right now, right now I wanted to talk about something I’ve become increasingly addicted to – ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. I keep saying “okay, just one more episode and that’s it, done…” but it always leads to another one, and another one.

Let me get this straight – the storylines, on the whole, are incredibly cheesy. It’s a giant soap opera set in a hospital with some rather cool medical effects thrown in but I just can’t get past the fact I rather like the characters and that they seem… well, fairly real and I like them.

Take the female characters, they’re all headstrong, incredibly competitive and not doing the doe-eye thing. That makes sense to me, I’d imagine female surgeons to be like that as in my head, surgery is one of those all-boys clubs (that’s probably a gross generalisation). It helps that they’re all very attractive, but I’ve never seen it written down that attractive people aren’t allowed to be smart.

The other thing is, whilst there is a lot of personal life going on for them, there’s also a lot of medical going, kinda the opposite of what started happening in ER which became all about the personal and not so much about the medical. Yes the on-off nature of the McDreamy/Meredith relationship does make my eyes roll but there are other relationships going on around them that seem fairly well conceived – Dr Bailey, headstrong female surgeon is battling to save her marriage which is slowly collapsing around her because of her job commitments and she is shown to be struggling with her role as a mother, Dr Torres is slowly coming to terms with her bisexuality – and I have to say, the relationship between her and Dr Hahn was brilliantly done (I read that they have been praised by LGBT groups for the realistic portrayal of gay characters, and I definitely agree.)

So what’s going on? Am I becoming all mushy and turning into the type of person who gets sucked into soap operas? I think I need help…and I might have a crush on Brooke Smith…


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