Grey's Anatomy Thoughts


As I battle with my stupid plot hedgehogs (they’re run away leaving me with a load of half finished ideas), I thought about what TPTB could have done if they didn’t want to pursue a romantic relationship between Hahn & Torres. One of the things they could of done, and it would have been quite nice, was if they both realised that as a couple they might not work, but as friends they were great… so they decide to remain friends, ‘cos if you think about it there aren’t many friends on GA – Meredith & Cristina are probably the only ones who really have their friendship explored in anyway shape or form (without any sex complications). That would have been a nice exploration, the two of them finding a balance again, a bit of awkwardness at first, but eventually at a stage where they could laugh about what happened between them, and Callie could encourage Erica’s exploration of her sexuality… (maybe even being a little jealous when Erica did meet someone).

I re-watched ‘Life During Wartime’ the other night and I’m kinda thinking that Hahn was starting to have a nervous breakdown, we always saw how Callie was dealing with her ‘gay panic’ but what about Erica? Even if she spent many, many hours in Dr Wyatt’s office or had a few drunken nights where she picked up random men, she still had a hell of a lot going on before her eventual acceptance (and look how that turned out, her best friend didn’t even give her a hug or tell it was okay!) She pretty much lost her battle for keeping her personal life separate from work, her girlfriend cheated on her then went out drinking with the guy she cheated with, she found out about the whole Izzie/Denny thing which was most likely going to cost her patient his life, she didn’t get any support from the Chief and now her girlfriend is siding with the woman who ruined her marriage… maybe they could have explored all that – but not in the Ava/Alex way, I don’t think Hahn would breakdown like that, nor can I see her developing any sort of drinking problem… actually I can and I reckon that she’d be pretty good at initially hiding it until she realises she needs help and finally talks about it.

I’d have loved to have seen a friendship of sorts between Hahn & Shepherd – another thing that I think could have happened is during Derek’s breakdown and Bailey sends the various people to talk him out of it, I can totally picture a seen between the pair of them where we found out something huge from Hahn’s past, the reason why she made the decision not to get involved with patients, to make sure that her personal life doesn’t cross the threshold… I know that there’s more likely to be no reason because no everyone has a big bad scary event in their past that makes them like they are, but I can see some sort of big confession that ultimately leads to a supportive friendship.


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