Modernise or Die. That seems fairly reasonable.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to switch from E.ON to British Gas, since BG have a lower pre-pay electric rate and can save me £60 a year on the gas. My official switch over date was the 26th September, I should have received the new pre-pay key thing long before this date but as the Royal Mail is taking an extended holiday, sorry, on strike, during this time I’m obviously caught up in the system. It’s now 30th September and no sign of the key (down to £10 on the meter), I said I’d wait until this date before calling British Gas and today I called them. Because my account has only just gone live with them (sounds a familiar story) they can’t give me a reference number to go pick up a new key from my nearest pre-pay place, but what they did advise is keep waiting for the key to turn up if not call them back before I run out of electricity and they’ll work something out. BTW, this new key is going to cost me £8, and it’s not like I can put money on it when I pick it up as you need to ‘validate’ it in your meter before putting money on.

Due to the strike, there’s a lot of mail just languishing in a warehouse in Devon that may unfortunately, never get delivered… a co-worker recently spoke to Royal Mail to let them know that he was waiting for a very important parcel and they said something about prioritising his address – so I decided to call them today. Can you speak to an actual person? Can you fuck. There isn’t even an option to speak to someone and none of the many protracted options that you have to sit through before they hang up on you, have anything to do with what I need. I tried calling the local delivery centre but that line is continually engaged (they’re all probably wanking in the back or stealing the money out of birthday cards).

I generally don’t really mind when the post goes on strike, it’s not like they’re capable of actually delivering my mail anyway (on Thursday I should get my copy of ‘The Stage’, but sometimes I don’t get it until Friday or one time the following Thursday… now considering this has stamped on the front ‘TIME SENSITIVE’ ) but this time they’re going to (a) cost me money and (b) cause me to maybe run out of electricity, thus costing me more money due to various food items going off when the freezer defrosts.


I’m slowly learning that :-

1) Forget saving money, it’s a lot less bother to stay with your current electric provider.
2) There is no ‘switch over’ date, it’s whenever the work experience kid stops playing Solitaire and enters you details into the database.
3) Royal Mail are shit, regardless of whether they’re on strike or not.
4) Don’t bother with subscriptions, if you want a copy just buy it from the newsagents each week. It’s not like you have a chance with any of the jobs.

My newspaper is on my doormat at about 5am – 6am every morning (I know because once the guy got confused and rang my doorbell, yeah wasn’t a happy bunny), the company who deliver it seem to manage well… wonder if I can arrange for them to deliver my post.


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