My Superhero Problem

This video is actually relevant to my feelings on the subjects of superheroes, or more  specifically – superpowers. You could argue that I have been spending far too much time not only on my own with two tribbles, sorry, guinea pigs for company and too much time in the world of Douglas Adams (‘Hitchcon’ was awesome BTW).

According to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, flying is all about falling but missing the ground… but you can’t deliberately go about missing the ground because then you become aware, and because you’ve noticed it, it won’t happen.

So how do people discover they’ve got superpowers?

In this situation I’m not taking about Superman, but average Joe Bloggs who wakes up one morning and suddenly discovers he has x-ray vision and can see that Mrs Smith next door really rather needs to get that mole seen to. Okay that one is fairly obvious, but what about people who can fly? Did they just feel a light tingling sensation somewhere in their body and pooof, flight, or do they suddenly feel the need to do a Lemming* impression?

Now that you’ve discovered superpowers how do you go about coming to terms with having superpowers? I’m sure there’s a great big answer buried somewhere in a popular comic book series, or a theme running through a graphic novel all about a superheroes struggle to come to terms with their burden, but I’m not really talking about that. That’s more of a coming to terms with an identity thing, I’m thinking more in terms of you suddenly having to come to terms that not only do you have superpowers but that superpowers actually exist.

What then?

I know that if I woke up one morning and discovered I could fly I would be extremely disturbed and a little freaked out. Maybe when you discover you have a superpower a little guide-like-creature pops up to help you come to terms with having a superpower and teach you how to use/control your power. Also, maybe everybody has a superpower but we don’t think about them, it’s possible I really can walk through walls but am only aware I can’t when I realise that I’ve just walked into the wall. Not that I do that very often, of course.

*Yes I know.


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