More films at the LFF

‘Cracks’ is the début feature from Jordan Scott, Ridley Scott’s daughter. It’s an adaptation of the book by Sheila Kohler, with the action transported to Ireland and changes the time period to the 1930s – having never read the novel I can’t comment on whether this works but I plan to track a copy down. ‘Cracks’ tells the story of a group of girls at an isolated boarding school, they’re coached on the swim team by the incredibly charismatic ‘Miss G’ (Eva Green) who tells exotic stories of her life and tells the girls the act and think freely. The status-quo of the group is upset by the arrival of a new girl from Spain, Fiamma (María Valverde) which leads to a betrayal, seduction and ultimately tragedy. It’s a mesmerising dark film, beautifully acted and wonderfully shot.

A question from the audience accused Jordan Scott of continuing the stereotype of the ‘mad, sad and bad’ lesbian and I feel that there is a tendency from the LGBT community to see things that aren’t really there. The film is not about a lesbian relationship, it’s about obsession, about desire for what you can never have and a betrayal. The fact that it leads to a very uncomfortable scene where the deeply flawed Miss G seduces the unconscious 16yr old Fiamma does not make it a lesbian film. Nor do I feel that the character of Miss G character is a lesbian – she’s someone who has never (despite her stories) lived beyond the closeted walls of the school, living very much through other people and wanting to become Fiamma, who has lived the life Miss G can only dream.

The film goes on general release in December and it’s one I recommend catching.

As for the ‘surprise film’ which turned out to be ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ – I was thoroughly disappointed in.

Michael Moore documentaries are things you make an informed decision to see. A little over 2hrs is a long time to tell us that congress is ruled by Wall Street, that people have been screwed over by high risk mortgage lenders and that some companies are not the most conscientious of employers. If I didn’t already dislike Michael Moore’s documentary style, I certainly do now. I took a gamble on the surprise film and it didn’t work out for me… will I think twice next year? Probably.

I checked the trending topic on Twitter and noticed that Guy Ritchie’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ was being suggested as the surprise film… would to be honest, much as I hate the idea of it, would have been fun to see early – get a review up on my Holmes blog before the other Holmesians can 😛 (plus it couldn’t be worse than a Michael Moore documentary could it?


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