Upcoming Adaptations that Intrigue Me

I get ‘Sight and Sound’ magazine each month, not because I’m anti-Empire or Total Film (I like them both, the reviews are good fun and I like the ‘upcoming’ sections) but because there was a discounted yearly subscription if you were a BFI member (also when’s the last time you read an article that described the blood tickling out of a young maidens neck after a vampire attack “was as close to a cum shot as mainstream cinema came.”!)

As I was reading February’s issue on the train I noticed that Lynne Ramsay was due to adapt ‘We Need to Talk about Kevin’, staring Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly. ‘We Need to Talk about Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver was one of the most unsettling books I’d read and have long wondered what a film adaptation would be like, in my head it’s a sort of cross between ‘Elephant‘ (the Gus van Sant film) and ‘Silence of the Lambs’. I can’t say I ‘loved’ the book, it was powerful, unnerving and I thought it was brilliant… but not something I don’t think I could read again (not that I could, the ASM I loaned it to never returned it). Lynne Ramsay is going to be writing and directing, have to say I’m not familiar with her work but there’s a lot of buzz around the adaptation… I do know that Ramsay was originally onboard to do ‘The Lovely Bones’ but left handing it over to Peter Jackson (loved the book, felt the film lacked feeling) so I’m definitely intrigued.

The other upcoming adaptation that makes me go “oooh” is Lee Daniels is planning to do the musical ‘Miss Saigon’. Now, I can’t say that the musical is in my top ten but it is a powerful production and I really can’t see it up on the screen, it’s very theatrical. What would be awesome is if instead of doing an all-star casting ala Rob Marshall (although Catherine Zeta Jones and Queen Latifah were awesome in ‘Chicago’), he got people like Lea Salonga or Johanna Ampil to star? Granted I suppose they’re both maybe a little too old to play the role now but there are some pretty cool techniques around ;-). I also think it’s an odd choice of director, Lee Daniels is famous for ‘Precious’ and producing both ‘The Woodsman’ and ‘Monsters Ball’ – not someone who you immediately link to musicals regardless of how dark their subject matter.

I await developments with interest.


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