I have to admit to being borderline obsessed with the sinking of the Titanic, my obsession came looong before the James Cameron film (and for the record I was 11 in 1997) and it’s something that’s quietly followed me most of my life. Titanic was probably the most documented accident involving the greatest number of lives lost during peacetime (not including natural disasters) – the other day I joined audible and the first audiobook I picked up was Colonel Archibald Gracie’s account of the sinking, not only was it his very detailed personal account but he’d spent time gathering information from the other lifeboat survivors and inquiries so it made for gripping listening. Since then my obsession has re-emerged (although I suppose it did last Halloween as I went as a Titanic crew member) and I’ve picked up a few of the films I had on VHS.

Personally, I am not a fan of James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’, ‘A Night to Remember’ is one of the best films about the sinking, however saying that ‘The Ghosts of the Abyss’ is one of my favourite documentation’s of the wreck site. One thing I will say about ‘Titanic’, the actual sinking of the ship whilst not entirely factual (she didn’t break into two) is a brilliant watch.

After much thought I caved in and picked up a copy of said DVD (as well as a ‘Night to Remember’ and the 1963 ‘Titanic’… couldn’t find ‘SOS Titanic’ or ‘Raise the Titanic’ [what? It’s awesome in a this is so bad it’s good way]). You never know, I might like the film this time round!


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