Goodbye Old Friend

Three years ago my laptop died and as I was earning a decent wage, I invested. Well, I bought a cheap(ish) laptop from PC World that at the time fitted my requirements, I almost went for the one just over my budget but it wasn’t in stock so I stuck with what I could afford. Sadly, it hasn’t really proved to be that cost effective – it’s only just three years old and I would have liked it to last that little bit longer.

My keyboard is a bit… dead, some keys don’t respond, others get stuck and I’m missing one of them (this is being typed on a plug in USB keyboard), a resistor in the screen has gone (loving the white line!), one of my USB ports is damaged as is the line-in for my headphones and don’t get me started on the over-heating video card (always been a problem).

A co-worker is willing to spend the time/effort to get it up to scratch so it’s going to a good home, and since I’ve never really had any software problems I think it’ll be okay. I’ve bought a Dell Studio 15, not the best laptop out there but one that meets my requirements and is a great deal (particularly with the student discount). It’ll hopefully be arriving sometime next week (I opted to upgrade the processing speed).

I’d like to say I’d miss my old one but I don’t think I will… sorry old thing.


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