London Film Festival 2010

This year is my first trip to the LFF as a member of the BFI, last year I joined shortly after the festival. I generally split my time between the National Film Theatre and my local cinema, the one thing I regret about this year is having to drop out of going to see Ray Harryhausen present ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ (curse you kidney infection!)

Being a member this year meant I got to join in the fun that is priority postal booking. You pick the films you want tickets for, send off the form and then wait – luckily this year I got all my picks – hurray :). I went to see ‘Never Let Me Go’ earlier today, it’s an excellent film and I’m sure it’ll be appearing on the Oscar shortlist! Carey Mulligan is a really talented young actress, I can see her going very far! It’s also a really good book adaptation, so it’s unsurprising that the author is one of the executive producers. It’s out on the 21st Jan next year, and it’s one you should be anticpating.

Other films I’m seeing are: ‘Black Swan’ (really looking forward to this), ‘The Kids Are Alright’ (another one I’m looking forward to), ‘The Book of Masters’ (Disney’s first Russian co-production), ‘Conviction’, ‘Nothing All Bad’ and ‘Truce’. I also have tickets to the ‘Surprise Film’, which better be better than last years Michael Moore documentary!


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