London Film Festival – Round Up (part 3)

Due to illness, I ended up missing ‘Carancho’ and ‘The First Grader’; wish I hadn’t missed ‘The First Grader’ as it looked like an excellent film. Oh well, I’ll keep my eye out for the release! I’m also going to be missing the Russian Film Festival for the first time this year but I did get given a leaflet about the Iranian Film Festival so might check that one out.

The Kids Are All Right’ (USA, 2010)

Completely charming, moving and wonderfully acted. There was a danger of going down the path of the worlds worst cliché, but it pulled it off in an utterly believable way and without making me angry. Every character felt real, and it’s rare to have a Hollywood film that’s about marriage that includes the marriage.

Annette Benning is outstanding, I hope she gets at least a best actress nomination at the Oscars this year. Highly recommended.


Truce’ (Russia, 2010)

I got confused, then I got lost and then I got bored. Avoid. Would love to know why it was selected for the LFF (Sorry, the only trailer I could is in Russian).


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