A rare lesbian moment

I normally geek out about random sci-fi shows (‘Warehouse 13’ is awesome!), and once upon time ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (hot women doing clever stuff, what’s not to like?) But recently I’ve been very geeky about a lesbian show on BBC.

Threatened with removal of my lesbian card (I don’t like k.d lang but I do own the entire series of ‘Ellen’ on DVD, apparently that’s not enough), I finally got round to watching ‘The L Word‘. First season was okay, felt a little bit like I was watching a soft porn film at times but I thought Dana was funny; season two it was really obvious I was watching privilaged LA-women who don’t seem to live in the real world, by season three I’d completely lost interest (still haven’t finished season three but shush, don’t tell anyone!)

Then I heard about the BBC making ‘Lip Service‘, initally it looked like we were just trying to do a British version of ‘The L Word‘ but based on stuff I’d read in ‘DIVA’, I didn’t think it was falling into the too-glamours-not-real trap. I’ve just watched the final episode (on DVD, the episode airs on Tuesday but for some reason my copy arrived today) and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a non-sci-fi series so much in a long time. Really worth checking out… oh and Heather Peace is hot. Seriously hot. I think there will always be comparrisons between ‘Lip Service‘ and ‘The L Word‘, it’s unavoidable as I can’t really name any other modern lesbian series that doesn’t shy away from sex, but ‘Lip Service‘ has characters that do normal jobs (out of work actress temping, architect, estate agent, police officer, photographer) in a city that doesn’t feel fake (not to be mean about LA, but Glasgow is easier for my to relate to!) and the reasons they know each other don’t seem quite as contrived as ‘The L Word‘ chart thingy (I think that was how they all knew each other, was never sure).


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