I’ve had the Time of my Life

After five years, ‘Dirty Dancing’ is leaving the Aldwych on the 9th July. I’m dreading and slightly excited by my looming unemployment; I’ve spent the last couple of days sorting out what I don’t have to pay and what I can cut back on.

1. Travel – my train pass went up from £96 to £108 this year. I am going to get the bus from the beginning of March, it’s two buses to and from but I make a whooping £40 a month saving! (A bus pass is £68).

2. TV Licence – ever since I moved into this flat two years ago, my aerial hasn’t really worked (it snows) and I can’t pick up a lot of the Freeview channels. I carried on paying my licence fee because… well, I didn’t want to get anyone into trouble. You don’t need a TV licence to listen to the radio or watch programmes on the iPlayer (unless they’re live). I gave them a call and am now registered as not having a TV. Potential saving, £12 a month.

3. Mobile – two years ago, I tried to switch from PAYG to contract, it took ages as (at the time) I had no credit history. The only contract they would give me was a 24month contract at £30 a month. I never use my minutes or texts. I called O2 and, they switched me to a 1month rolling contract at £10 a month, saving me £20.

4. Audible & LoveFilm – I’ve bid goodbye (for now!) to my LoveFilm and Audible account. I’m going to miss Audible the most, particularly now that I’m travelling on a London bus for 4hrs a day. Total saving, £17.98


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