Rumour, speculation and supposition

With ‘Dirty Dancing’ coming to a close it’s interesting to hear the many rumours, speculations and suppositions going round about what will be happening next. My guess is that something will be announced mid-April or early May – whatever it is they’ll want to get pre-bookings and publicity going.

The big ones are:

1. Rock of Ages (confirmed for the Shaftesbury)

2. Matilda (this year is the 50th birthday of the RSC, the Aldwych used to be it’s London home)

3. Rebecca (was going to the Shaftesbury but pulled out a few weeks ago)

4. Let Me a Tenor (apparently not happening but would be quite amusing as this was the big rumour last year)

Out of these three, for employment reasons I’d like it to be Rebecca. Technically it looks quite spectacular which is very good job-wise but does have the Woman in White feel to it. Artistically, Matilda would be brilliant and it works out quite well for the Aldwych what with it being the RSCs 50th birthday and the theatre being it’s former London home. There’s a rumour going round about it going into the Cambridge but no one has heard anything about Chicago closing.

It’s kinda fun speculating about what is going to happen next – it’s a bit like when someone announces a film and everyone starts talking about casting.


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