New Years Resolutions

I decided a while ago that this year I was going to make some changes in my life.

My five years on ‘Dirty Dancing’  coming to end has made me think about what changes I want to make and how to go about them. I’m trying to make myself go swimming, it’s annoying because it’s not the swimming that scares me but going to the leisure centre. I think it’s a social-phobia thing, knowing that I have to interact with people puts me off.

So far (with the help of 43 Things) I’ve come up with a list of 30 things I want to do (not all in the same year). Hopefully I can succeed.

1. loose weight
2. play badminton
3. Play squash
4. go to a Discworld convention (dressed up)
5. go to a Star Trek convention (dressed up)
6. Learn to cook
7. learn to programme a ETC EOS
8. learn to programme a grandMA
9. make a short film
10. Improve my photography
11. start getting up around the same time every day
12. Give blood
13. learn to drive
14. go on holiday
15. continue learning russian
16. go swimming
17. get fit
18. finish the 50 book challenge
19. learn to play one song on the guitar really well
20. finish AA100
21. finish A210 (and do well)
22. get a good sleep routine
23. write a short story.
24. explore an abandoned building
25. keep flat tidy
26. Go indoor rock climbing
27. do the ABTT bronze award
28. do the ABTT silver award
29. do the ABTT gold award
30. fly a kite

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