My First Steampunk

I’ve always been obsessed by clocks and for a long time I’ve been interested in steampunk but never (a) had the time (b) the money or (c) the confidence to get involved. This year I vowed I was going to start to be more involved in things, so far I’ve taken up swimming, got some work at the Royal Opera House over the summer (recently did a week of overnight calls :)) and got round to sorting out various other bits n’ bobs.

After a bit of hunting on ebay and the Brass Goggles steampunk forum I came up with a few ideas for a steampunk persona – I’m going with either a navigator or signals officer on board a airship patrolling the Arctic… kinda like an alternative hunt for the North West Passage except they don’t need a North West Passage as such but have to ‘protect’ the area from pirates. I’ve picked up various costume bits and am now in the process of steampunk-ifying (it’s a word) it all.

I have a Royal Signals Corps no2 dress tunic – I’ve taken off the medals as obviously I’m not entitled to them and it would be really wrong to wear them, going to make some of own medals (starting with the 1854 India General Service medal, 1847 Arctic medal and the 1861 first Opium War medal before making some funky ones) and bits of appropriate insignia, starting with an airship service badge thingy…


(click to make bigger)

Another thing I’m going to make over the next few weeks is a replacement for the RSC collar badge – it’s already quite steampunky but I’m thinking of changing the globe to a cog and having various watch bits in place of the motto, I quite like Jimmy (as he’s know, really he’s Mercury) so might keep him (or a version of).

Other things I need to work out are how to make a steampunk version of the Warrant Officer 1st Class insignia, I like the idea of my persona being a WO (navigators or wireless ops mate, something like that). If I didn’t feel wrong about it I would leave the rank on the uniform but I’m not entitled to it, not entirely sure how to remove the sleeve stuff without causing a mess but I’ll work something out.

I shall keep you posted and expect more random stuff soon! 😛


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