Festival Time!

The London Film Festival is just around the corner and this will be my third year. I’m quite excited. Previous years I’ve haunted the Vue West End on Sunday’s and seen a lot of random small films (as well as some big releases), this year my schedule is Monday’s so I’m able to go to a few of the bigger screenings. I’ve also learned my lesson about the Surprise Film, I’m not paying money to see it and have instead entered the ballot – not to fussed either way.

My picks this year (and hopefully I’ll get all my choices)

We Need to Talk about Kevin (really want to see this)
Snowtown (when Wolf Creek was released I looked up the story it was supposidly based on and thought it was much more interesting, I’m interested to see what they make of it.)
Into the Abyss (Werner Hertzog’s death row documentary)
Martha Marcy Marlene May 
A Dangerous Method (David Cronenberg’s new film)
We Have a Pope

I had a much longer list but a lot of the films were on in the evenings, or at times that I could go to.


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