LFF 2011 Festival Round Up

Despite many plans and tickets, this years festival was a bit of a blow out for me. I think I was too tired mentally to deal with several films a day, I haven’t had any proper time off since around May when I ended up really ill with a stomach virus (thank you co-workers!). As a result, I think I’ve just been tired and really needing a rest so not a successful film festival for me. Will catch the stuff I decided to pass up later when they’re out at my local and on DVD.

360 – 3.5/5
I liked that it was about interconnectivity but not in the typical straightforward person A meets person B meets person C way. Some of the stories were more interesting than others, I would have liked to have spent more time with Anthony Hopkins’s character – he seemed like someone with the most interesting story to tell. Oh and I think the moment with the sex offender in the airport has to be the creepiest film moment of the festival for me (the foot touch).

Restless – 2.5/5
I didn’t hate this as much as many people did, I thought it was quite sweet in a way. It had a weird charm to it. Enoch’s relationship with Annie allowed to him forgive and find a sort of peace, I felt. It was a bit too saccharin and sticky in places but not terrible.

Snowtown – 4/5
Utterly disturbing and brilliant. This is a film that does not let you take a breather! The tension is unrelenting and the soundtrack is outstanding. There was a lady next to me who was in floods of tears during the film and there were quite a few walkouts, but wow, the tension.

We Need to Talk about Kevin – 5/5
Everyone and his dog is talking about this film and deservedly so.  Like ‘Snowtown’ the tension is unrelenting, the colour scheme magnificent and probably one of the best films I have seen in a long time. Lynne Ramsay is a genius and I would love her to take home the best director Oscar (and BAFTA) for what is my bet for the best picture win.


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