Tragic End

On Sunday 30th October my old school-friend George took his own life. He was 25. I hadn’t spoken to George in years but we spent most of primary school getting into trouble together. It makes me sad that I don’t really have any huge memories of him, just lots of little things that made up our friendship.  I wish I’d got to know him as an adult, reading the tributes to him on Facebook makes me miss him.

Neither of us were popular with the teachers. He could always make you laugh. I once went with his aunt to see him in an amateur production of ‘South Pacific’, the next day at school he signed my programme. We used to swap Game Gear games and I once played a Star Trek boardgame with him. We once spent an entire afternoon trying to break into a barn because we wanted to explore the creepy interior. We succeeded but were both too scared to really do any proper exploring so dared each other to go further and further into the darkness.

I don’t know what happened to make life unbearable, I don’t know about the demons that he wanted to escape. Depression affects 1 in 10 adults, help make a difference by donating to MIND.


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