Speculation on Mycroft’s Occupation

This morning, I randomly followed a link to a job advert on the Mi5 website. I have no intention of ever working for Mi5 or any branch of the security services, I’m quite content as a lighting technician and it probably isn’t as exciting as ‘Spooks’ makes out… anyway – the job advert was for a ‘Senior Internal Auditor’.

My first thought was “oh, cool – Mi5/Mi6 has an internal audit department.” then “wait… Mycroft audits the books for a government department…I wonder…”

Is it possible that (on paper, at least) Mycroft is an internal auditor for Mi5/Mi6?

Sherlock and Watson don’t really tell us too much about Mycroft. There’s also a good possibility that Watson completely invented everything in GREE & BRU about Mycroft as a cover but let’s just assume Sherlock and Watson are telling us the truth (and that Mi5/Mi6 existed in some form or another back in 1895 :P)

“He has an extraordinary faculty for figures, and audits the books in some of the government departments.” (GREE)

“Mycroft draws four hundred and fifty pounds a year, remains a subordinate, has no ambitions of any kind, will receive neither honour nor title, but remains the most indispensable man in the country.” (BRU)

“…his position is unique. He has made it for himself. There has never been anything like it before, nor will be again. He has the tidiest and most orderly brain, with the greatest capacity for storing facts, of any man living. The same great powers which I have turned to the detection of crime he has used for this particular business. The conclusions of every department are passed to him, and he is the central exchange, the clearinghouse, which makes out the balance. All other men are specialists, but his specialism is omniscience. We will suppose that a minister needs information as to a point which involves the Navy, India, Canada and the bimetallic question; he could get his separate advices from various departments upon each, but only Mycroft can focus them all, and say offhand how each factor would affect the other. They began by using him as a short-cut, a convenience; now he has made himself an essential. In that great brain of his everything is pigeon-holed and can be handed out in an instant. Again and again his word has decided the national policy.” (BRU)

So, according to Sherlock/Watson, Mycroft is a relatively minor official who audits government departments, who has become a sort of consulting political strategist/problem solver and there really is an Internal Audit Department within Mi5 and Mi6.

Worthy of a bit of fun speculation, don’t you think?

(Emphasis on fun, I’ve already fallen foul of the ‘Sherlock’ LJ community for suggesting this.)


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