Upcoming: Sherlock Holmes – A Study in Fear

Presented by Rumpus Theatre Company at the Greenwich Theatre.

‘Sherlock Holmes – A Study in Fear’ by John Goodrum (adapted from ‘The Final Problem’ by Arthur Conan Doyle). Staring Nicholas Briggs as Holmes and Ian Sharock as Watson.

“When Holmes arrives unexpectedly at the door of his olf friend and colleague Dr Watson he begs the good Doctor’s assistance for one final case…and an exhilarating evening of mystery, chase, disguise and detecting are the inevitable result, culminating in a breath-taking showdown at the tumultuous Reichenbach Falls. The world’s most successful detective takes on the world’s most notorious villain…

Sherlock Holmes, brilliant, flawed and inclined to justice, finally confronts Professor James Moriarty, brilliant, flawed and wholly inclined to evil…”

Tuesday 2nd October – Sunday 7th October
Tues – Sat @ 7:30pm, Sun @ 6pm, Sat mat @ 2:30pm.
Tickets £17.50, £15, (concessions) £12.50


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