Some thoughts post-#twittersilence

I don’t really have much of an opinion on the effectiveness of #twittersilence or Caitlin Moran (other than I liked her book). Rod Liddle in ‘The Spectator’ however has a very strong opinion regarding her and the other women who have been sent abusive tweets. In his article “It’s not hate that Caitlin Moran can’t stand. It’s being disagreed with” in the 10th August issue of ‘The Spectator’.

He suggests that the reason people are starting to get annoyed at the hate they receive via social media is because they are “really complaining about is that the benighted hoi polloi are allowed to comment adversely and express their annoyance”. Mary Beard, Grace Dent, Mehdi Hasan and Yasmin Alihbhai-Brown “believe that they are being victimised as a consequence of their race or their gender, because their entire worldview is comprised of a Manichean split between victim and oppressor, and they are always the oppressed.”

Liddle does have a valid point concerning the way Caitlin Moran has behaved on twitter “it’s perfectly OK for Caitlin to tell Aids jokes, bandy about the words ‘spazz’ and ‘tranny’ and ‘mong’, but she’s not happy when the nastiness is directed back at her.” but in his dismissal of the threats being sent to female journalists & personalities as because they are unable to see themselves as anything other than the victim that they’re being sensitive because it is their “worldview being challenged” is missing the point that Caitlin Moran has tried to start a discussion about. He talks about the threats he receives “being abused for my hideous appearance is an almost hourly occurrence” but I wonder how he would feel if it was sexual violence he was repeatedly threatened with or perhaps because male rape is almost seen as fictional, something that only happens as a joke in prison movies (“don’t drop the soap in the shower”) he doesn’t even given a thought about the very real threat that is sexual violence so cannot even begin to comprehend why women might not like receiving such threats.


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