Thoughts on ‘His Last Vow’

Warning: Spoilers!

In the last episode Sherlock vowed he would do anything to protect John & Mary and the pre-Watson and in this episode he really did.

– Loved the canonical nods. Spotted many but my favourite one was ‘The Man with the Twisted Lip’

– I absolutely loved Mary 2.0 and wonder if there was anything in that USB stick that could have been potentially helpful in the future. Has she taken the place of Sebastian Moran? Was CAM’s reference to her doing some freelance work something to do with Moriarty?

– Holmesian Christmas.

– Sherlock and Mycroft.

– Mycroft. Just Mycroft generally. Poor sod, his hands were tied at the end and he had to say a likely permanent goodbye to his brother. He said the loss of his brother would break his heart. Thank goodness for Moriarty miracles!

– Is it really Moriarty?

– Janine. Ha, fantastic – she got a better ending than the poor unnamed housemaid in CHAS (although there was a rival for her affection so maybe she went on to have a very happy life post-Holmes, sorry Escot.)

– Redbeard! Knew it turn out to be something non-horrible. Well, sort. The idea that the dog was Sherlock’s closest companion as a child is quite sad.

– CAM was utterly, utterly brilliant and repelling.

– William Sherlock Scott. Haha, someone is a Barring-Gould fan!

Bring on the next hiatus!


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