NaNoWrimo: Day Two – An Epiphany was Had

Words written: 260 on novel / 637 on essay

I don’t know how to start my second chapter but I had an epiphany about the first.

When I was writing it originally it was for my final creative writing assignment so I was writing with a word count and a deadline in mind. Reading it back I feel the events at the end of chapter one are happening to too early in the novel. I don’t need my character to see the that the bad guys are in the area at the very end of chapter one because that means chapter two is all about the heroes putting together their plan to trap the bad guys, which means the story will end by chapter five at the latests. Not what I want.

Chapter One deals with the arrival of the ship on King William island prior to their patrol. I think I need to spend more time on the island. My main character is heading off to a brothel and encounters the pirates in the bar but as I’ve created various types of pleasure automations I’m wondering if my character should meet the pirates after he’s handed over some of his credits. Not that I’m about to write a sex scene, I’m just saying my character should get to have a bit of fun 😉

Also as I’m no longer writing with a word count of 3000, I’ve been going back over chapter one and taking my time in setting the scenes and describing things in more detail. I’m mildly concerned one of my female characters is too cliché but I think that’s because I’ve read far too many essays and criticisms of female characters that I’m allowing those thoughts to enter my mind instead of thinking about how my character works within the world and her role in my novel.

I wonder if I should actually call today ‘NaNoWrimo Day One’ as I didn’t start yesterday.


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