NaNoWrimo: Day Three

Words written…er, none. Not even on my essay (oops).


I did spend some time sorting out my plot. You might be thinking “WTF didn’t you do that earlier??!” and you’d be right, but doing NaNoWrimo was a very spur of the moment and I hadn’t really thought beyond chapter one originally. I do have an outline and I know what’s happening next but the more I think about what is happening next I realise there are things that need to happen first.

I have a good idea of my main character and one of the secondary characters but I have nothing sorted for the bad guy. At the moment he’s just a name and a vague description, he needs to be more. I think I’m going to spend the next couple of days sorting out my bad guys. I have a feeling NaNoWrimo is going to turn more into “Steph actually starts planning her novel”, but if I get it all planned and plotted out during this month that means I have a good basis to work properly on it. I don’t need to wait until it’s NaNoWrimo again.

Have a screenshot (btw, I bought Scrivener two years ago for my creative writing module – bloody brilliant programme! I used it to write my final essays on my children’s lit & history modules)

storyOh, BTW – won my FitBit. In six months time I hope to be lighter and have half a novel. Perfectly achievable goals!


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