NaNoWrimo: Day Four

Words written: Zero (269 on essay)

This isn’t going especially well. How do people find the time to do this?! I mean, today I was in early for a dress rehearsal with the understudies. Then I had a show covering a spot I learnt yesterday. Now I’ve been home for about half an hour and it’s just gone midnight. I’m tired and I have to be up early for a matinee tomorrow.

I finished my essay though, so I guess that’s one thing off the To-Do list.

Blogging about it does seem to help with the motivation though – today I picked up my leisure centre membership card. My swimming costume & FitBit will have arrived by Wednesday matinee next week, I don’t have maintenance next week (am going to see ‘Urinetown’ though on Thurs) and my cold is almost gone. That means I literally have no excuses not to make Wednesday next week my first swim day.

Now that my essay is written, I don’t have that excuse hanging over me for the novel writing thing so…

Between shows tomorrow I will sit down and write the bio for my bad guy and firmly set down what exactly is his motivation. 



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