NaNoWrimo: Day Five


I started to collect Pop! Vinyl figures at the start of this year. I say collect, I bought a Hannibal Lecter one and whenever I have some spare income (which is rare) I pick one up. There’s no theme, they’re from shows I enjoy watching. I pre-ordered three of the Hannibal ones I actually have seven of them now.

I failed in my between shows plans. I ended up talking to the ushers then having a bit of  a nap. I didn’t enjoy work today.

But I did think about my characters hobbies. It has nothing to do with the story and has no relevance but thinking about my characters out-of-novel lives at least makes me feel I’m still at least attempting NaNoWrimo.

Basically I’m not ready to admit defeat.

In the screenshot I showed you of my Scrivener plan there were two scenes I’d stamped ‘to do’ – they’re scenes I want to insert into chapter two and the beauty of Scrivener means I can do that with ease. My plan for the rest of the week (well, Thursday& Sunday  as I have a 10am start on Friday then a matinee…)  is to get one of them completed. Promise.


One comment

  1. Gibble96

    I think defining characters “off-screen/page” is as important as the written plot, dialogues, and characters. It improves character definition, and is a wonderful way to keep characters grounded to reality.

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