Perhaps a change?


Today I went to the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London with a friend. The exhibition is highly recommended and beautifully organised. Strangely this got me thinking about my NaNoWrimo attempt, or lack of attempt.

The story I’m writing involves a fair amount of world creation. The world exists quite clearly in my head but I don’t think I’ve established it very well on paper. I think I need establishing shots, something which tells you more background to the world. Not a prologue as such but setting the scene.

I have a bit of another plot hedgehog*, something much darker and unrelated to the sci-fi steampunk world I’ve started to put together. I might see if I can put the scene I have in mind down on paper, or maybe start putting together a storyboard for a short film. I wonder if there’s a NaNoWrimo equivalent for scripts/plays?

*I say plot hedgehog rather bunny as I tend to discover my plots when I sit down and something sharp sticks into me. Also they usually come out at night.


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